Friday, 28 January 2011


Hi! This is my first post and I want to tell you about Soap Boot Camp I have attended last week in Huddersfield. It was very informative and I've learned to make a solid traditional soap from scratch (Palm oil, Olive oil and other natural products). Also Shawn (our guru :)  ) teached us how to make liquid soap from natural ingredients as well. I was surprised that liquid soap might be natural, as I thought it has to include some chemicals to keep it actually liquid. Sooooo, keep an eye on my website as I'm going to sort out all paperwork and start making handmade, traditional (Cold Process) soap very soon.

 On picture (left) - the result of our hard work at Soap Boot Camp.
Your feedback is very welcome. Let me know what kind of fragrance do you like, what kind of soap do you prefer (exfoliating, moisturising, with some glitter etc)

On picture (right) - the whole range of soaps we  have learned to make during 2 days trainig.